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A delegation led by the Minister of Foreign Affairs & International Cooperation of the Republic of Somaliland Dr. Saad Ali Shire who traveled from the Capital, Hargeisa, has today reached at Cairo City. The Minister heads this delegation to Egypt after upon receiving an official invitation from his counterpart minister of Egypt. Senior officials of the Egyptian MOFA warmly received the Minister delegation at the Cairo International Airport. 24 - 08 - 2016
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03 - 08- 2016 3rd Annual Diaspora Conference of Somaliland Successfully Closes at Maansoor Hotel. The MOFA Minister, Dr. Saad Ali Shire and Chairman of Somaliland Diaspora Agency, Mr. Abdi Abdillahi both spoke at the closure. The Chairman thanked the participants as well as the organizers and advised Somaliland Diaspora to strengthen their unity, cooperation and further engagement in developing their country of origin.
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23- 08 - 2016 A petition calling for the recognition of Somaliland has surpassed its target of one million signatures. The petition which notes that “ Somaliland’s people have forged an oasis of stability, democracy and progress since declaring independence from Somalia in 1991” called on the international community to formally recognise Somaliland as a sovereign nation-state.
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10 - 8 - 2016 The Head of State has asked the Finnish Ambassador that his govt must continue the support it provides to Somaliland’s health sector. The president briefed the visiting Finnish Ambassador on Somaliland’s good governance, security and democracy. SL president has said that Somaliland and Somalia share issues when it comes to combating piracy and containing the threat from extremist organizations.
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