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Admin & Finance Department

The department of finance and administration works in accordance with the financial laws and regulations of the state for the supervision and control over the financial, human and physical resources of the ministry and its missions in foreign countries.


The department receives guidance from the Director General in the implementation of its functions whose break down among others shall include the following:


Plan, acquire, establish, allocate, distribute control and evaluate financial, human and physical recourses of the ministry in accordance with the up-coming annual budget. For this purpose, it shall:


• Prepare, in accordance with the directives of the director general, the annual budget of the ministry

• Ensure proper recording of all non-financial assets belonging to this ministry and its overseas offices

• Employ procedures and systems for internal auditing and preparing financial statements

• Manage appraisal, trainings, compensation, benefit administration and employee/labor relations

• Manage human resource maintenance and separation (i.e. promotion, transfer, demotion, resignation, lay off and retrenchment, retirement, leave and attendances)

• Evaluate the uses of human and physical resource of the ministry and its sub offices with regard to financial and civil-service laws and regulations

• Prepare national development plans of the Ministry and its investment needs both at local and international levels



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Admin & Finance Director

Ahmed Hussein Libaan


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