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Communications Department

The communications department is responsible for the internal and external interactions of the Ministry, acting as a press office it is the hub of information outlet, and the media’s main vocal point of contact, for interviews or statements.


The communications department provides technical support to the Ministry to have effective communication with other government agencies, as well as international organizations.


The department is also responsible for all production of media; this includes news paper articles, blogs, press releases, fact/action sheets, press conferences and other outreach products.


The communication department generates broad understanding of the government’s program, by informing the public about activities and priorities of the ministry.


Other responsibilities include

• The communications department monitors newspapers, television news broadcasts, the World Wide Web and to devise strategies to address misinformation.

• Building relationship with people of Somaliland and responding to inquiries from the public fall under the public relations function of communications department.

• In a case of an event occurs that threatens public safety or the Ministry’s reputation, the communication department must address the situation with great sensitivity and urgently

• Social media is regularly updated and used as a tool to convey the ministry’s message across

• All aspects of media is used to disseminate Ministry’s policies and missions, one main being the mission of Somaliland’s recognition


Communications Director

Saleebaan Mahamuud Daahir



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