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Counter Piracy

National Level


The Somaliland CPC Office leads anti-piracy efforts in Somaliland and co-ordinates the diverse counter-piracy activities, by national multi-agencies, from apprehending to imprisonment, prisoner transfer, awareness-raising and diverse capacity building, as well as job creation, coastal development programs, fisheries & Marine Resources, Maritime Administration etc.  The CPC Office searches, collates, analyses and disseminates information relates to piracy issues and counter-piracy programmes. The CPC Office also acts as the secretariat for the National Counter-Piracy Committee chaired by the Minister of Foreign Affairs & International Cooperation.  The CPC Office guides and facilitates the work of the UN implementing agencies and other International Bodies in Somaliland.


International Level


The Somaliland CPC Office represents Somaliland within the regional organisations and CP programmes.  The Somaliland CPC Office is a member of Regional Maritime Coordination Mechanism (RMCM) known as Kampala Process, Djibouti Code of Conduct (DCoC) and Djibouti Regional Training Centre (DRTC).Somaliland is a strong partner of the international anti-piracy efforts and it’s National Focal Point, The Somaliland CPC Office is an active member of Contact Group on Piracy off the Coast of Somalia (CGPCS) and regularly participates in the conferences and workshops of the main CGPCS Working Groups.  Somaliland CPC Office has facilitated the transfer of 29 convicted piracy prisoners from Seychelles to Somaliland.


Future Prospectus


Somaliland CPC Office  is hoping  and expects that the Counter Piracy Programs can help support the complete rehabilitation of Somaliland’s Justice System, assist in building an operational capable and functioning Somaliland Coastguard, as well as functioning maritime safety& Security administration and succeed in combating piracy through solving the root causes of piracy by creating training and job opportunities for the young people through fishery and coastal development programs. In 2015-2016 SL CPC Office is evolving in to Maritime Governance Institution to oversee SL Maritime Institutions. SL welcomes to all technical assistance into establishing SL Maritime Governance Institution



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Counter Piracy

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