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Documentation Authentication

Requirements that must be fulfilled to authenticate a documents by foreign ministry Before Sample signatures and stamps are sent to the Foreign Minister, it shall be first certified by authorized official of a concerning government organ. Where a document is certified by government offices two years before its submission date for authentication to the directorate, the certification shall be renewed by the issuing authorities. Documents submitted to the ministry shall be original documents. Scanned or copy of original documents are not legible for authentication. Where a situation compels authentication of copy or scanned document, the document shall be first certified by the body that issued the document. The certification shall have the stamp of the body that certified the document for the last time, signature of authorized official, and the date of the certification. A certified document that does not include any of the above three is not legible for authentication. Where a document previously authenticated by the Ministry is required for different reasons to be changed or renewed; the original documents shall also be presented. Service fee for authentication is paid for each page of the document. Since service fee is paid on the basis of the applicant’s nationality; applicants shall submit a document that attests their nationality. Somaliland National applicant must present a valid identity card or a passport as a document attesting Somaliland nationality. Details of requirements that must be fulfilled for documents issued by Somaliland Government offices 1. Birth, marriage, death certificates Where a document is issued by different organs of national regional governments, the document shall be certified by the concerned regional offices. Where a marriage certificate is issued by religious institutions; it shall be certified by supreme organs of the government . Death certificates issued by medical institutions shall be certified, in the case of documents issued by Hargeisa Group Hospital. 2. Educational Credentials Educational documents issued by educational institutions shall be certified by Ministry of education and educational concern authorities. Documents issued by the recognized Universities and institutions shall be certified by the General Director of higher education and commission of higher education in Somaliland. Documents issued by private and non-governmental institutions shall be authenticated by the Somaliland Higher Education Quality. 3. Somaliland Passport copy Where authentication of a passport copy is required, the copy shall be authenticated by the Main Department of Immigration and Nationality Affairs. 4. Documents related to court Judgment, Order Decree Documents issued by courts of all level in national regional states shall be authenticated by the registrar office of the Supreme Court or by any other authorized body. 5. Trade license and trade related documents To certify a trade license, the original certificate issued by Trade department at ministry of commerce and its representative offices at region shall be presented to the foreign minister . Certificate of origin shall be certified by the Somaliland Chamber of Commerce or Authorized regional Chamber of Commerce’s. 6. Investment license and investment related documents Documents issued by the Investment department shall be certified by Somaliland investment board. 7. Permit vehicle movement For issuing a permit vehicle entry into Ethiopia, a pre-request criteria which is mentioned in permit vehicle movement form shall be filled and copy of all required document present to Foreign minster 8. Other relevant documents not included in the above categories Documents not included in the categories 1-7 shall only be authenticated when submitted after duly being authenticated by the relevant government body. Documents issued by any non –governmental organization shall be certified by a governmental organ mandated to issue operation license to the organization.

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