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The prudent political leadership in the Republic of Somaliland has decided to adopt an active foreign policy in all areas and at the regional, African and international levels.


This was clearly reflected on the work of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs which involves numerous contracts, projects, mediations, agreements, laws, legislations, internal and external committees, legal and technical advice and other commitments.


The Department of Legal Affairs serves as the legal arm that provides legal advice, opinion and consultation to the various bodies of the State in general and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in particular.


Hence, the Department of Legal Affairs endeavors to build its capacity and develop its staff to be able to shoulder the burdens of this great development and outstanding legal activity.


The Department of Legal Affairs is working in many areas and offers many technical, consulting and advisory services. The following diagram illustrates the key areas and sub- areas in general:




  • To give legal advice on issues referred to it.
  • To prepare and formulate drafts of legislations relating to Ministers and give opinion on drafts of legislations referred to Ministry.
  • To study drafts of treaties and international conventions to which the Republic of Somaliland intends to accede as well as give legal advice with regard to signing or acceding to them, in coordination with competent Ministries and governmental authorities and Ministry's offices.
  • To monitor treaties and international conventions in relation to renewing, extending or terminating them as well amendments introduced, in cooperation with competent authorities in Somaliland.
  • To address issues relating to regional and international courts and monitor work of specialized legal committees and decisions issued by them in regional and international fields as well as study extent of their conformity to the Republic of Somaliland's laws and supreme interests.
  • To take necessary measures to conclude treaties and agreements of which the Republic of Somaliland is signatory, ratify, publish and deposit them with specialized regional and international organizations, in cooperation with the International Organizations and Conferences Department at MFA&IC.
  • To prepare files relating to agreements and treaties to which the State of Qatar is a signatory and maintain them, in cooperation with competent authorities.
  • To study issues and topics of a legal nature relating to the Republic of Somaliland's interests abroad and its diplomatic and consular missions, and give advice on measures needed to protect them, in cooperation with the competent authorities.
  • To prepare, revise and formulate drafts of contracts concluded by MFA&IC as well as its diplomatic and consular missions and refer them to the competent authorities for review, and monitor obstacles facing their implementation.
  • To investigate acts and violations attributed to MFA&IC's personnel other than members of the diplomatic and consular services referred by the Minister or Vice - Minister as well as report on the findings together with legal opinion and follow up implementation of related decisions.
  • Addressing the legal aspects relating to all treaties, agreements and memoranda of understanding, protocols and international regulations that bind Somaliland abroad or may be bound by and to ensure the necessary measures for their approval, ratification, acceptance, accession and publication.
  • Looking into diplomatic and consular disputes and all the legal aspects related to the Ministry's activities abroad.
  • Preparing drafts for treaties which are decided to be concluded with African and foreign countries.
  • Keeping the original copies of all treaties and diplomatic documents relating thereto and the instruments of ratification, acceptance or accession to all international treaties which Somaliland is a signatory thereof.
  • Follow up disputes and cases to which the Ministry is a part in coordination with the competent authorities.




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