Ministry of Foreign Affairs & International Cooperation

Republic Of Somaliland



Planning Department

Formulates, in coordination with the other Departments , management’s vision of MFA&IC future state which would give the over-all general policy direction to all Departments.


Sets management’s organizational goals and objectives and their realization within specified time frames in order to attain the organization’s planned future state.


Collects, evaluates external and internal information relevant to MFA&IC's present and future state.


Develops long-range (strategic) plans that will properly position the MFA&IC to attain its desired future state.


Implements a feedback and measurement system to assure implementation of approved plans and budget at all levels.


Coordinates with the Ministry of national planning offices and other government institutions to make sure that the organizational plans are in line with national government’s thrust and objectives.


Performs other related functions.




International Cooperation



Admin & Finance

Somaliland Diaspora

Counter Piracy

Planning Director

Omar Roble Ciidheere


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