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Sections of the Department: The Political Department consists of the sections in structure: 1. First Political Desk 2. Second Political Desk 3. Third Political Desk 4. Regional Cooperation Coordination Desk 5. Research & Studies Unit 6. Human Rights Unit First political Desk: African Countries- • This desk is responsible for establishing, improving and promoting the bilateral, diplomatic, economic, social, cultural and friendly relations that Republic of Somaliland has to share with the neighboring African states in the region including Ethiopia, Djibouti, Somalia, Kenya and Sudan, IGAD, the other countries in Africa continent and African Union Organization rather than Arab States in North Africa Second Political Desk: Arab States, Middle East and Asia • This Desk is responsible for dealing with the multipurpose relations of Somaliland with Arab States including Middle East and North Africa, Islamic Organization, Arab League and Islamic Bank as well as Asia mainly South Eastern and Western Asia. Third Political Desk: Europe, North America and Australia Regional Cooperation Coordination Desk: • This desk is particularly responsible for the regular collaborations and working with the foreign missions, embassies, consulates, liaison offices and other agents based in Somaliland in representation of regional foreign countries • Participate in the jointly and timely done cooperation development meetings and follow up related terms of agreements • Participate in the MMTF meetings, follow up their programs and strategies
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