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Migrants are internationally regarded as important agents of development and change and who don’t only make remittance to home but who can also transfer vivacious ideas and knowledge and who best serves their nations in the aspects of economic, social, political, and cultural dimensions.

Somaliland Diaspora communities who mostly live in western Europe, North America and Arab Countries have since the past couple decades been  resourceful contribution in the nation building, reconstruction, economic, social and political development. It is estimated that Somaliland Diaspora annually remits over $400 million a year which is a major part of the per capita income and the national economy while at the same time their role in the economic investment, privatization as well as the public utilities and infrastructure have improved since the past years. Over half of the current government cabinet and hundreds of key government institutions are also professional Diaspora returnees mainly with second nationalities of western countries.


Somaliland Diaspora is roughly estimated as 150,000-200,000 (2011, NDP) population majority of whom are living United Kingdom, Scandinavian countries, Germany, Canada, USA, Australia, the other Western Europe countries, Ethiopia, Djibouti, Kenya as well as the Gulf Arab States.


Considered the potential of the Diaspora and the need for developing the sector, Somaliland government established Somaliland Diaspora Agency (SDA) with presidential degree in 2010 as autonomous institution working under the policy of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs & International Cooperation to maximize the Diaspora contribution and engagement in the way emphasized in the National Development Plan.


SDA is mandated to work with the Diaspora and improve the sector contribution through laying the required policies, strategies and regulatory frameworks in the engagement and investment aspects.

SDA is in its early stage and is engaged in building the essential institutional capacity and establishment of regulatory frameworks and/or policy development initiatives in accordance to the National Development Plan (NDP) in cooperation with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs & International Cooperation, the Diaspora groups as well as all concerned stakeholders.

SDA held the 1st and 2nd Somaliland Diaspora Symposiums in 2011 and 2012 both in which the Diaspora participants made key declarations regarding establishing mechanisms for the sector development and strategies for increasing the Diaspora participation in the economic and institutional building of the country.


Vision of Somaliland Diaspora Agency


“Coordinate and reorganize the management of all potential resource of Somaliland Diaspora while  matching it  with the untapped natural resources of this nation towards an immediate achievable improved social welfare; accelerated sustainable development; intensive economic growth and  increased  wealth while taking into consideration the interests of hosting nations, their communities and those institutions supporting them”.



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